Art Expression Inc.


Parenting from the heART

Art Expression developed From the HeART programming in 2013 for children and their parents in crisis, with the help of art therapists who are trauma-informed. For many years, Art Expression, Inc. has developed and provided From the HeARTworkshops and professional development in partnership with the Homeless Children’s Education Fund and Operation Military Kids.

The arts allow people a different avenue of expression that is fun, relaxing, and enlightening. As a co-facilitator wrote to us:

“I have been working at Auberle’s 412 Youth Zone with young adults who are aging out of foster care and are striving to make their lives better. They look forward to Art Expression workshops. Their facilitators get them to express their emotions, fears and positive feelings too. Some have a great passion for art and always walk away with pride and a new technique. What surprises me more is those who say, “I’m no good at art” and walk away just as pleased, head held high, feeling uplifted that they accomplished something difficult. It’s more than an art class – it’s a different way of thinking about how to express yourself.”

The Parenting from the HeART program workshops are provided as a series. The parents will be given the opportunity to do the same art and music activities the children are engaging in. They will be given insight into our choices for self-expression. The adults will explore ways they can learn about themselves and their children through art-making and music-making process. Topics include developmental stages of drawing, sculpture, and other art-making tasks. Parents will take away guidelines on age-appropriate materials, and how to adapt for children with special needs. Music facilitators will show parents how to incorporate music into their everyday routines.  Our goal is to help parents learn practical and fun techniques, and feel more confident bonding as a family.

Art Expression has identified areas of need for our youngest populations, from infancy through age four. Due to the natural, significant developmental differences of infancy, toddler, preschool, and school-aged children, portion of this program has been tailored to meet more specific needs. The preschool programming uses the same principles of the traditional Art Expression mission in a variety of art and sensory based activities. Art Expression Parenting from the HeART offers a variety of mixed art media, music, play, and movement that allows for an inclusive environment, while addressing the need for a play-like atmosphere at home.