Art Expression Inc.


Creative pARTners


Creative pARTners teaches participants to apply creative problem-solving skills and innovative design, through a weekly, art-based enrichment program that aims to promote positive self-esteem and inspire interest in the world of art.


Creative pARTners is the first and longest running Art Expresssion program. The program was developed with the goals of Art Expression in mind. Participants in the program will be introduced to art concepts that promote problem- solving, sharing and social skills development. The program has been offered in local school districts including: Keystone Oaks, Mt. Lebanon, Greensburg- Salem, South Allegheny and Central Greene

Experientials for the program have been developed based on student needs, as well as,  school district, art facilitator and faculty supervisor feedback.  The program has shown an increase in participant’s confidence, problem-solving and overall focus. Creative pARTners strives to be an outlet for children who may be over active for an array of reasons. The children are not judged or graded, but encouraged to express themselves during the sessions. Often times this allows Art Facilitators to assess the underlying problems that may lead to a child’s misbehavior.

Creative pARTners yields an emotional impact on group participants.  It leads students to internalize the ideas of friendship and confidence, allowing students to feel comfortable with their peers and faculty facilitators outside of the program.  Students struggle with the common challenges of social exclusion, peer pressure, bullying and home life stressors.  This project gives School Districts an opportunity to support the personal growth of student participants in the program by helping them to positively engage with peers during these art classes, while developing the fundamental creativity and cognitive skills needed to explore the world of art.

Click here for an example of a Creative pARTners project developed by a board-certified art therapist for Art Expression Inc.