Art Expression Inc.


ARTchitecture: Building Bridges


ARTchitecture: Building Bridges is an inclusive program that combines engineering, math, and art with the concepts of trust, peer connections, and strength by discussing, designing, and building bridges.


Participants will explore ideas related to building bridges, metaphorically connecting with the others in the groups. Photographs of famous bridges will be viewed for inspiration. We will begin with two-dimensional bridge drawings and, by the end of the program, we will produce three-dimensional bridges. We will be counting how many recycled objects are used per bridge, and per class. Each small group will make murals to contextualize the type and location of the bridge. Participants will be able to create a sculpture to represent themselves and place this object within the finished product. The final three-dimensional bridges (which will be small-scale models) will be created from pieces of wood, cardboard, wire, recycled objects, and craft materials. Bridges will be painted and personalized.

Engineering concepts and simple mathematical equations will be taken into account to create a strong bridge, and then the process will be translated into a discussion of how having a good foundation and making strong connections are important skills to develop in one’s life.