Art Expression Inc.

Musical pARTners


Musical pARTners is a music-based enrichment program that aims to promote positive self-expression and inspire interest in the world of music as a form of art. This specialty program echoes the main goals of Art Expression and includes components of music therapy and music appreciation. Students will be invited to participate in creative musical expression through performance, perception and response, while historical and cultural heritage will be explored for academic enrichment. Music will also be combined with various art-making activities, allowing for the creative process to evolve by merging both disciplines. Creating visual art while listening to live music gives students a unique opportunity to integrate the auditory world of music and visual world of art into a tactile, creative world of expression.


Musical pARTners supports personal growth and active student participation. Activities are selected by professional Music facilitators, who have backgrounds in music therapy. Facilitators provide instruments, guidelines and creative opportunities for expressive musical involvement. Music facilitators may also collaborate with art facilitators to create theme-based workshops featuring components of both music and art appreciation. Participants will be encouraged to engage proactively with peers during sessions, which often naturally increases comfort with peers outside of the program. Musical involvement allows participants’ abilities to be strengthened and carried over into other areas of their lives, which makes Musical pARTners a wonderful, high-quality enrichment experience.