Art Expression Inc.

Here is what your generous donation can do for the students of Art Expression:

  • $25 allows us to buy crafting and sculpture materials for one group project.
  • $50 allows us to buy crafting and sculpture materials for two group projects.
  • $150 permits us to buy all art materials required for a six-week Art Expression session.
  • $300 will provide 15 children an entire Art Expression classroom with 12 weeks of artistic supplies for creative self-expression.
  • $450 affords the services of a professional faculty facilitator, which allows us to double the amount of individualized attention each child receives.
  • $810 affords the services of a certified art therapist who provides custom project development, facilitation, and research for one six week session.
  • $1,500 the cost of everything necessary to complete an entire six week Art Expression session.