Art Expression Inc.



Students cross-train with art facilitators and physical fitness experts to blend competitive games, sports psychology concepts, and art-making.


Participants create art projects inspired by sports, from goals to obstacles to redesigning trophies. We invite students to widen their social circles as they engage in activities for the athlete and artist within. ARTletic seeks to inspire students to develop positive mind and body habits for life.

ARTletic develops skills, knowledge and dispositions such as empathy, open-mindedness and perseverance. Safety rules and procedures will be especially important in this combined visual arts and athletics program. Through brainstorming, questioning, materials selection, discussing, and editing their projects, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the creative and athletic process. The Art facilitator helps students experience effective ways of reflecting and communicating with peers, instructors and others. In both the art and athletics portions of the sessions, playfulness and exploration will be keys to achieving the program’s goals.

What makes this program most unique is combining visual arts and physical fitness. The program’s designers are Art Expression’s art facilitators and physical education and art teachers, each lending their expertise. The group creates art projects that serve as functional art for fitness activities. For example, students may design their own weights with their motivational goals written on them, or make a miniature golf course that they will use to play the game in small groups. By investing in their own ideas and artwork, students feel connected to the outcome. Students are encouraged to test their designs, fitness goals and games within a supportive group of facilitators.