Art Expression Inc.

ARTmosphere: Weather


ARTmosphere: Weather aims to provide an engaging STEAM after-school program to students based on a topic they can all relate to: weather.


Weather is a concept we can all relate to, and is often a topic of casual conversation. Weather has long been recorded to have an impact on our physical bodies, and even our mental well-being. We see an overwhelming need across academic, community and home environments to aid students with self-regulation. Through a blended curriculum, the science and art of weather provides an enticing topic for students to learn about the natural world, as well as their place in it.

Each component of the program will include a hands-on activity that combines STEAM concepts. Topics include: temperature, heat index, and humidity; barometric pressure, clouds, wind and wind strength; the science of precipitation (rain, snow, hail); severe storm systems, survival, storm aftermath, and rebuilding; forecasting, Meteorology; atmospheric optics; and the physiological impact of weather.

Much like art, the atmosphere is a chaotic system in which small changes to one part of the system can produce larger effects on the overall system. We hope that ARTmosphere: Weather becomes that one small, positive change in a student’s learning which causes a ripple effect. Worldwide, we have experienced weather events which have caused tremendous impacts on health, food supply, economics, travel, and security. Current events make this topic appropriate for today’s schools. The connection between self and environment is life-long. We are inspired to help children assimilate knowledge that is most relevant to them in a fun, interactive way.