Art Expression Inc.


Looking for an opportunity to volunteer? Art Expression Inc. has openings in several settings.

Now seeking board members – If you have a passion for helping children and you enjoy developing and pursuing creative ideas this may be a wonderful position for you. For more information about the Art Expression Inc. Board
of Directors, contact Angela Lowden (Board President).

Classroom Setting – volunteer staff members work closely with Art Expression Inc. art therapists and facilitators within school classrooms. Volunteers will have an opportunity to work closely with Art Expression Inc. participants and will be required to submit to a background check.

Office Setting – volunteer consultants work closely with Art Expression Inc. management. Depending on the needs of the organization and your particular skill set you may pursue opportunities related to management, organization, public relations, fundraising, etc.

Freelance – freelance volunteers may offer their skills from a remote location. Do you have an understanding of word-processing programs or, Facebook, web design, marketing, promotion, etc? If you have the necessary skills and equipment and would like to volunteer your talents from home we may have a position for you.

For information regarding volunteer opportunities please email Angela Lowden or call 412-561-3006.