Art Expression Inc.

Thank you!

Art Expression would like to thank the following donors, corporate and community organizations that, through their generosity and support, make Art Expression’s programming possible throughout western Pennsylvania.

 Individual Donors
Jonathan Amey (Pittsburgh, PA)

Richard Behr (Pittsburgh, PA)
Christine Cassandro (Irwin, PA)
Candy Davis (Pittsburgh, PA)
Beatrice DeAngelis (Pittsburgh, PA)
Stacy de las Alas (Pittsburgh, PA)
Jana DiCarlo
Pat Downey (Pittsburgh, PA)
Anne Marie Drury (Liverpool, NY)
Leslie Dutchcot (Pittsburgh, PA)
Cathy and Mark Erickson (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kathy Foster (Pittsburgh, PA)
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Haines (Pittsburgh, PA)
Johanna M. Hannah (Marcellus, NY)
Lisa Heap (Morgantown, WV)
Dana Iskey (Hickory, PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kajder Jr. (Monroeville, PA)
Amber Kirkpatrick (New Brighton, PA)
Donald Klins (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kozloff & Meaders (Pittsburgh, PA)
Karin Legato (Pittsburgh, PA)
James V. Lowden (Pittsburgh, PA)
Jeffrey Lowden (Pittsburgh, PA)
Erin McAndrew (Houston, PA)
Kaitlin McKissick (Irving, TX)
Steve Morrison (Pittsburgh, PA)
Aaron Silinskas (Issaquah, WA)
Cheryl Silinskas (Pittsburgh, PA)
Linda and Glenn Smartschan (Pittsburgh, PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Solomon (Pittsburgh, PA)
Peter and Jeanne Tarolli (Clay, NY)
Steve Tompkins (Cincinnati, OH)
Scott Wallace (Herminie, PA)
Marla Zimmerman
Lori Zura (McDonald, PA)

Other Organizations
United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania