Student Testimonials

“I’m more likely to speak up for people because I saw how our [Art Expression] teacher would speak up for people.”

“I learned how to take care of problems when my partner wasn’t there because I had to work alone and that was hard.”

“I had a fun time.  I love it. When I come back I want to get feathers and glitter and glitter paint! Please!”

“Yes, I did not believe in myself, but the teachers did and now I know I can do everything I think of.”

” I’d probably keep it how it is because it really brings people together and it makes you feel better about yourself.” -(A student’s response to what they would change about the Art Expression program.)

Parent Testimonials

“My 10 yr. old daughter is an ESL and special-needs student…She is fully included and has really learned how to combine her language and other skills to view this world and to create beauty.”

“Our daughter enjoyed her time at Art Expression.  She has improved how she listens at home.  I am hearing more “I am sorry,” when she doesn’t listen. She has been much kinder to people in our family. Thank You!”

Faculty Facilitator Testimonials

“Many of the children who I spend time with after school in Art Expression are the same students who I see every day in the regular classroom setting. Having both perspectives has allowed me to see growth in the students on many levels—growth that carries over from Art Expression into the school day, such as the implementation of coping skills, the formation of friendships across grade levels, and patience in students that I would never have expected.”

“Our students had a great time with you. Parents were overly pleased with how you interacted with them and their children. I heard nothing but positives from our sessions this year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Art Facilitator Testimonials

“I would like to highlight one female students journey through Art Expression. She began the session very quiet and withdrawn, choosing to sit by herself for the first session. For the next session she was hard to engage and had limited peer interaction. She sat only with her brother and had only interaction with him….During the last two weeks, her peer interactions greatly increased and she chose to sit with her peers. She regularly asked questions and openly participated in the group discussions about weather. Overall, she really came out of her shell.”

“It seemed like each student gained something from the program, whether it was the ability to dive deeper into a problem that was holding them back, finding solutions, or learning how to use art as a way to shift their energy and feel more confident. One of the boys showed a boost in leadership-despite being the youngest, he was often the one to volunteer to go first.”